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BLUE 24 Returns to the Dyfi

Posted: Friday 1st September 2017 by Emyr MWT

At 07:08 this morning Blue 24 landed on the Dyfi nest.

It wasn't surprising really, we had theorised that she was the other osprey that's been around this week, this finally confirmed that it was indeed her.

The last time we positively had a sighting of Glesni's cousin was 3rd July - then nothing for eight weeks.

Blue 24 left the Dyfi on 3rd July

A few days later a young Scottish male (Blue HR7) that has been prospecting around the Llyn Brenig area, 40 miles north-east of the Dyfi, was seen to be pair bonding with a Blue-ringed, right leg, female.


As far as I know, nobody had clear proof that HR7's new mate was Blue 24, but it seemed pretty obvious from a circumstantial point of view that it was her, the timing was spot on and we know Blue 24 has a habit of roaming around north and mid Wales looking for eligible males.

The fact that she has returned to the Dyfi at the end of August and beginning of September kind of substantiates the hypothesis that it was indeed Blue 24 that was pair bonding at Brenig. Her new Scottish mate, HR7, may well have started his migration south and knowing, as we do, that Blue 24 is a 'late leaver', it's no surprise really that she popped in to the Dyfi just to check up on an old friend.

It also confirms that she is alive and well; the winter will be that bit sweeter knowing she is.

Next spring Blue 24 will hopefully return to Brenig and progress her new relationship one step further, but for now, and just for now, we are absolutely delighted to see her again.

Wonder what Monty said to her?

Music: "How Time Slips Away" by Glen Campbell and Willie Nelson

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