Dyfi Wildlife Centre

Welcome to the an exciting new project - the Dyfi Wildlife Centre


The Dyfi Wildlife Centre - A Community Project


2019 is our 10th year of running the Dyfi Osprey Project at Cors Dyfi Reserve. In that time, starting from humble beginnings, we have seen the Dyfi Osprey Project grow from a bit of a curiosity to one of the leading osprey conservation, engagement and research projects in the world. The conservation work we have done over the last decade has also significantly improved the reserve’s habitat and Cors Dyfi is now one of the best-recorded and monitored nature reserves in Wales.

Our visitor numbers have increased from around 2,000 a year ten years ago to approximately 40,000 today and millions more around the world watch our live streaming and social media platforms from home or on the move. However, the infrastructure from which we operate out of is basically the same – two 25-year old porta-cabins, which are well beyond their shelf life.

In June 2018 we heard that our application to the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop a brand new visitor centre here at Cors Dyfi had been successful. For the first time we will be able to give our visitors and volunteers the experience you would expect from a world-class project. We will bring all the current amenities – the toilets, the café and seating areas, interpretation and osprey screens, the shop and volunteer areas all into one place, under one roof, in a stunning new building with leading-edge ‘carbon positive’ energy performance; we will call it the Dyfi Wildlife Centre.  

We want you to have the best experience possible when you visit and starting today, our 20-month journey starts in converting this dream into reality.

And the best bit of this journey? You are all invited along with us.


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