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Bore da The DOP Shop is open!!! The largest selection of products we've ever had and we'll continue to add more a… t.co/bjhVS6mzO3

3 days 11 hours ago.

Our volunteers have started to deconstruct the rest of the Capel Salem pitch pine. This timber was last worked in 1… t.co/6ToO6dWxfc

5 weeks 1 day ago.

@justthinking_2 Yes, one that is not good enough quality to print as a photo.

5 weeks 3 days ago.

@glyn26 Powb a’i farn.

5 weeks 3 days ago.

Bore da Telyn and Idris peer down to see their first egg of 2021 in mid-April. Some of the DOP 2022 calendar images… t.co/M6uXnP2KR6

5 weeks 3 days ago.

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Photo of Osprey

Name: Osprey

Scientific name: Pandion haliaetus

Category: Birds of prey

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