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Advent, 13th Dec - A hugely important part of DOP is our award winning team of volunteers. Here they are, all getti… t.co/f8lHwVR03Y

20 hours 46 min ago.

RT @MontWildlife: Who has visited our #CorsDyfi Nature Reserve, home of the @DyfiOspreys ? We’re saying #ThanksToYou to #NationalLottery pl…

20 hours 49 min ago.

Advent, 12th Dec - 2013, Behind schedule after fighting a brutal winter & carrying all the materials through a wet… t.co/AGKOlnnEto

1 day 19 hours ago.

Well done to those that were observant enough to spot that today is the 11th of December! I think the snow has cau… t.co/tChjM1LyI1

2 days 20 hours ago.

ADVENT: 10th Dec Today's advent is not a photo but a video from 2013. After watching these two grow up from eggs to… t.co/gUDoXDDeVW

2 days 20 hours ago.

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Photo of Osprey

Name: Osprey

Scientific name: Pandion haliaetus

Category: Birds of prey

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