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Clarach continues her great adventure and has found another nestcam to appear on! t.co/S1Pwde0ljV t.co/c1GPzxDEpB

2 hours 24 min ago.

Welcome to the world chick two! t.co/OHyBAX37m6

1 day 6 hours ago.

@frcvc1968 It is perfectly well. It will look weaker than the other one because it has only just hatched. No need to worry,it will catch up.

1 day 6 hours ago.

BREAKING NEWS The chick is just about out of egg 3. This was 07.55 this morning. #babyosprey t.co/1siKNypepa

1 day 8 hours ago.

Rumbles of thunder as a storm passes through.Glesni sitting tight & keeping chick and eggs dry and warm. #fishpillow t.co/XITTtJSZUr

2 days 1 hour ago.

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Knit and Nature

Wednesday 1st June 2016,
12.00pm - 2.00pm

Venue: Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve

Looking for inspiration with your knitting,crochet,weaving or sewing projects?

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Photo of Osprey

Name: Osprey

Scientific name: Pandion haliaetus

Category: Birds of prey

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