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Here is part II of the blog. DOP, the next ten years. t.co/S6aWmBLdkr t.co/PxEsoaGt7h

1 week 5 hours ago.

As we move into February, the new osprey season is on the horizon. Before we look forward, we take the chance to lo… t.co/aFLcB7A0aQ

2 weeks 1 day ago.

A great shot of someone enjoying their winter break. Thanks for sharing. t.co/AbRnn5lE4P

2 weeks 4 days ago.

As we start planning for the 2019 Dyfi Osprey season, what do you hope to see this year? The safe return of this ch… t.co/gqPH6f6JhI

4 weeks 5 hours ago.

@jw4926 @RoyDennisWF @timmackrill This is a German bird. @timmackrill or @royhdennis should have a contact to send it to.

10 weeks 6 days ago.

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Photo of Osprey

Name: Osprey

Scientific name: Pandion haliaetus

Category: Birds of prey

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