Cors Dyfi

Cors Dyfi is a wonderful little nature reserve that is teaming with wildlife for most of the year. This is where the Dyfi Osprey Project is situated.

Once estuary, reclaimed grazing, then conifer plantation and finally wildlife-rich wetland, the land at Cors Dyfi has seen many changes over the last few hundred years. Today the reserve is a healthy mixture of bog, swamp, wet woodland and scrub supporting a plethora of animals and plants, including the magnificent Osprey, which bred on the reserve for the first time in 2011. If you're lucky, you may also spot an otter or dormouse!

When to visit

The Ospreys are typically around from April to September. Spring and Summer are also the best times to see many of Cors Dyfi’s other plants and animals, such as Common Lizard, Nightjar, Grasshopper, Reed & Sedge Warblers, Yellow Flag and Four-spotted Chaser. The Trust’s Water Buffalo graze the reserve during the Summer.

Reed warbler building a nest on Cors Dyfi                                                                                                                     © Emyr Evans/MWTName

Visiting Cors Dyfi

The osprey project is open from Marchl to September, 10am to 6pm. There is a suggested donation scheme (£3 day pass, £6 weekly pass and £12 season pass) to help cover the costs of running the project. The Dyfi 360 Observatory is now open.

With the exception of an elevated bird hide and the upper level of the 360 Observatory, the reserve is fully accessible to wheelchair users. Facilities include visitor centre with a small shop and a cafe offering basic refreshments - teas/coffees, sandwiches, cakes etc. There is a disabled male and female toilet.

Dogs - Please see below.

Water buffalo on Cors Dyfi in the summer                                   © Emyr Evans/MWT

NameDirections and transport

Cors Dyfi is 3.5 miles south west of Machynlleth on the A487 Abersytwyth road. Approximately 2 miles south of Derwenlas, turn right just after Morben Isaf caravan park. Park in the reserve car park.

The nearest bus stop (Llyfnant Valley Bridge) is approximately 500m south of the reserve entrance.
The nearest rail station is Machynlleth. Visitors are asked not to use Dyfi Junction station as there is no access to the reserve from here.

Grid reference: SN701985
Postcode: SY20 8SR
Size:16.8 hectares



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To see images of some of the wildlife of Cors Dyfi, please see the Galleries

Ragged Robin, just off the boardwalk, Cors Dyfi                                                                                                             © Emyr Evans/MWT<untitled> (45).jpg

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We have had to make the difficult decision not to allow dogs, except guide dogs, onto Cors Dyfi Reserve.

With the opening of a new 360 Observatory, people will be visiting for much longer, for several hours sometimes. We obviously cannot have dogs doing their business inside this new wildlife watching and education building.

We will also be conducting much more scientific research on the boardwalk at Cors Dyfi. Moth trapping, mammal trapping, dormouse boxes, otter holts and so on. We have made the boardwalk extra wide for this reason plus also to allow two wheelchairs to pass each other.

Finally, there will be areas on the boardwalk specifically for kids, pond dipping areas for example where children can explore the wildlife around them by sitting and sometimes laying on the boardwalk.

This has been a difficult decision, but considering the function of Cors Dyfi and the Observatory and boardwalk on it, we regret that we cannot allow dogs on the reserve.

Please note however, dogs are still welcome in the car park where they can be taken for short walks. Water bowls are also provided.  Dogs are also allowed in the visitor centre.

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