Glesni was the breeding female at the Dyfi nest with Monty from 2013 - 2017


Year of Birth 2010
Place of Birth Rutland Water (site N)
Parents Father - White 08(1997), Mother - Green 5N (2004)
First seen at Dyfi 2012
Breeding Years 2013 - 2017
Chicks Fledged 12 (5 ♂, 7 ♀)
Chick names Clarach (2013 ♀), Cerist (2013 ♀), Deri (2014 ♀), Gwynant (2014 ♂), Merin (2015 ♂), Celyn (2015 ♀), Brenig (2015 ♂), Ceri (2016 ♀, died shortly after fledging), Tegid (2016 ♂), Aeron (2017 ♂), Menai (2017 ♀), Eitha (2017 ♀)
Likes Mullet
Dislikes Blue 24, crows
Distinguishing Features Dark chest markings, large bird, resilient, fantastic mother
Ring Number Blue 12                                        





















Glesni hatched in 2010 at Rutland Water. She is the offspring of the established pair, 08(97) and 5N(04). She was first seen as an intruding osprey on the Dyfi in 2012 where she made several visits to the nest and actually landed briefly towards the end of the season.

Here's a family tree showing where Glesni fits in with the other Rutland females that have bred in Wales:


 Glesni (right) lands on the Dyfi nest as an intruder in August 2012. The osprey on the left is Ceulan.


Her existing knowledge of the nest and the area gave her an advantage when a position at the nest became available the following season when Nora failed to return. She was able to fight off any competition and took up the vacancy as the new Dyfi female. She maintained this position, even under extreme pressure in following seasons from other ospreys, especially Blue 24, and was successful in raising 12 chicks to fledging age, seven females and five males.

Glesni (right) with Monty
 Glesni looks on as her male offspring, Brenig, calls for food from Monty in 2015


Glesni was a great Mother and defended her eggs and chicks resolutely from any danger. She starred on the BBC's Springwatch programmes for three years and is most famously known for her remarkable attempts at regaining her nest from Blue 24 in 2014, who had returned 11 days earlier and had taken up residence of the nest with Dai Dot.

It proved to be some of the "most incredible footage" that the Springwatch team had ever broadcast - their words not ours!

Here is the moment Glesni finally dethroned Blue 24 on April 15th, 2014:

Her name, Glesni, means "new, fresh, and blue" in Welsh. Her ring number is Blue 12.

Glesni brings nesting material back to the nest

Sadly Glesni did not return in 2018. She was replaced as the breeding Dyfi female by another Rutland relative - Blue 3J. A cousin we call Telyn.

Here's the tribute blog to Glesni and video below: