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RT @BBCRadioWales: Meet the new neighbours @DyfiOspreys t.co/rDV95wDNcJ this Sunday morning at 7 o'clock @carolineevans10 @ciwf @WG

9 hours 25 min ago.

HOLY MULLETS! This must be one the largest fish we've ever seen caught at this nest. Looks like Idris has dropped… t.co/rnexrjv5I9

1 day 3 min ago.

The long-eared owls are still perching near the Observatory - we think there are three juveniles in all. We hear th… t.co/juDBHutIS4

5 days 11 min ago.

Both chicks are around three weeks old now, their eyes are a deep amber and they're slowly morphing out of the dino… t.co/BbPhFWjXDk

6 days 57 min ago.

Look at the size of these two! Both chicks have entered that accelerated growth-spurt phase now; they will be ringe… t.co/yGPjDZ9Bdv

6 days 23 hours ago.

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Name: Osprey

Scientific name: Pandion haliaetus

Category: Birds of prey

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