2018 Videos

Here are the videos for the 2018 Season at the Dyfi Osprey Project. Please remember we are a small charity that is almost entirely reliant on donations, if you can give please do.

1.  22nd March: Blue 24 Returns

2.  29th March: Network Rail: Fish Hawks on the Dyfi

3.  4th April: Monty Returns

4.  9th April: Ostenders

5.  6th April: Blue 3J Settles in

6.  22nd April: Blue 3J lays her 1st egg at 09:47

7.  25th April: Blue 3J lays her 2nd egg at 10:42

8.  27th April: Gwynant Returns to Wales

9.  2nd May: Telyn: Blue 3J has a name

10.  12th May: Glesni Tribute blog and video

11.  16th May: Telyn removes the baler twine

12.  25th May: Merin and Tegid Return

13.  'Splodgology' - Which egg is which, and what are those insects..?

14.   A professional audio system catches the sounds of an unhatched chick - still in its egg!

15. Telyn's first ever chick hatches

16. The second and third chicks hatch successfully

17. Three Bobs: Their First Week

18. Friday Fish Fry

19. Storm Hector

20. Three Weeks Old

21. Ringing 2018 Video

22. Dinas Fledges - 14:31 on 23rd July (no audio)

23. Barn Owl Visit (no audio)

24. You're Pulling My Leg? (no audio)

25. End of season Blog and video: See You Next Year