2018 Season Summary

Keep up to date with key osprey events from DOP 2018.

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22nd March: Blue 24 Returns

4th April: Monty Returns

6th April: Blue 3J Settles in

22nd April: Blue 3J lays her 1st egg at 09:47

25th April: Blue 3J lays her 2nd egg at 10:42

27th April: Gwynant Returns to Wales

28th April: Blue 3J lays her 3rd egg at 10:00

2nd May: Telyn: Blue 3J has a name

12th May: Glesni Tribute blog and video

16th May: Telyn removes the baler twine

25th May: Merin and Tegid Return

1st June: First Chick Hatches at 20:11

2nd June: Second Chick Hatches at 10:06

3rd June: Third Chick Hatches at 11:24

Press this link for key DOP dates and here for details of all the Dyfi chicks to date