2017 Season

2017 DOP Season in Cinematography

On this page you will find all the best videos from the 2017 season in chronological order and the season summary.

1. MARCH 21st: Testing the new 2017 cameras, pre-season. New 4K cameras looking AMAZING!

2. MARCH 30th: Love Blue 24

Blue 24 returns on 24th March, but who will take a chance on her?

3. APRIL 1st: Glesni Returns

At 10:24 on the 1st April, Glesni returns to the Dyfi and, for the first time, before Monty. This was no April Fool's joke!

4. APRIL 1st: Monty Returns

At 15:42, just five hours after Glesni arrived, Monty does also and wastes no time getting reacquainted! Did they meet each other up on the way north?


5. APRIL 2nd: Monty tests the new 2017 nest perch


6. APRIL 9th: If This is Love (The Luck)

7. APRIL 14th: Glesni Lays an Easter Egg

8. April 16th: Glesni - Supermum

9. April 17th: Glesni lays her second Easter Egg!

10. April 17th: Glesni lays her third egg

11. April 26th: A Scottish female intruder - Blue FK8 from a 2014 clutch at Tweed Valley. FK8 is tracked and winters in Portugal.

12. May 21st - 26th: All three chicks hatch

13. Clarach: 2013-2017 Life Video

14. Chick Aggression in Ospreys

15. 19th June - Growing up fast..

16. 20th June - With all the sunny weather we've been having in Wales recently (no, really), an osprey's wings double up as a great parasol.

17. Monty Dyfi Sunrise - as well as an osprey you will also find tequila and some eagles in this video

18. The Heron

19. Posh Pete Test 2017

20. The Ringing Video - 2017

21. Three's a Crowd

22. Aeron: Six Weeks Old

23. Osprey Feet - the osprey's claws are rounded and not grooved like many other raptors

24. Aeron Fledges - 11th July

25. Menai Fledges - 13th July

26. Osprey Family

27. Menai Straits

28. Eitha Fledges

29. Glesni Flying Lesson

30. Flounder or Plaice?

31. Monty catches two fish at once - for the second time this year!

32. Defibrillator

33. Do Not Disturb - Monty gets ambushed by a barn owl while asleep

34. Blue 24 Returns to the Dyfi

35. Monty Migrates: Everybody's Talkin'


2017 DOP Season Summary

24th March: Blue 24 returns at 13:54

28th March: Second Cors Dyfi nest platform removed under license. Blog here

30th March: View the 'Love Blue 24' ABBA video here

1st April: Glesni returns at 10:25

1st April: Monty returns at 15:42

2nd April: One side of the larch perch breaks off

14th April: Glesni lays an Easter Egg on Good Friday at 07:17

17th April: Glesni lays egg No 2 at 06:36

20th April: Glesni lays egg No 3 at 06:21

26th April: Scottish Intruder caught on DOP 4K cameras

4th/7th/10th May: Clarach lays three eggs in her Aberfoyle nest

21st May (Sunday): First Chick (Aeron) hatches at 12:45

22nd May (Monday): Second Chick (Menai) hatches at 23:12

26th May (Friday): Third Chick (Eitha) hatches at 09:05 - BLOG & VIDEO

12th/13th/15th June: All three of Clarach's chicks hatch in Aberfoyle

16th June: One of Clarach's chicks is missing; cause unknown

27th June: Chicks ringed, weighed, swabbed and named - Aeron, Menai & Eitha. Blog here

11th July: Aeron Fledges at 18:06 - 51 days old. Blog and video here

13th July: Menai fledges at 15:29 - 52 days old. Blog here

18th July: Eitha Fledges at 12:53 - 53 days old. Blog here

4th August: Clarach's eldest chick fledges. Blue LH0 (male) is 53 days old

8/9th August: Clarach's second chick fledges, Blue LH1 (male)

13th August: Aeron migrates at 83.8 days old. Blog here

14th August: Glesni migrates - last seen 17:20

17th August: Glesni's cousin Blue 3J(13) visits - video here

24th August: Menai migrates. Blog here

26th August: Eitha migrates. Blog here

1st September: Blue 24 returns. Blog here

2nd September: Monty and Blue 24 migrate. Blog here