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Teifi is on His Way Home!

Posted: Thursday 5th May 2022 by Emyr MWT

Our 2020 boy, Teifi, in making his way back home.

He's in Santander, northern Spain at the moment, photographed by Carlos Sainz - gracias!

Many thanks to Carlos Sainz who photographed him and to Valerie for letting us know.

Teifi - ring number Blue KC6 - is one of two boys from 2020, the other egg failed to hatch that year. Let's hope Tywi is also on his way back to Wales.

Teifi - he's in Santander Bay, northern Spain.

Whether Teifi is returning from west Africa, or whether he's one of the 5% of ospreys that stays in Europe, we don't know, but being in northern Spain tells us he's almost certainly on his way back north.

This is bang on, timewise, for what we'd expect to see for two-year-olds; he probably has less than a week's flying time to the UK, depending on whether he takes the short cut over the Bay of Biscay or takes the scenic route via France.

Teifi in 2020 shortly before he migrated

Safe journey home, son. Eyes down and look up.. 

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