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Baler Twine: Quick Update

Posted: Tuesday 8th May 2018 by Emyr MWT

Quick Update:

1. Glesni tribute coming this weekend.

2. Clarach has two eggs we think, a crow predated the first one but she may well lay a full clutch of three still. The Aberfoyle camera has condensation on the lens, so not easy to see.

3. Telyn's Mum at Rutland, Maya, has three chicks already; the earliest UK osprey chicks ever recorded.

4. A Kielder two-year-old, Blue Y1, landed back on his natal nest today. He's the grandson of Glaslyn's 11(98) and Mrs. G, White YA being the father who chased him off. The 2016 birds are starting to show up...look up..

5. No sign of Dai Dot since April. We've seen lots of intruding birds at the Dyfi, none close enough to ID unfortunately.

6. Blue 24 and HR7 doing well and incubating.

7. Live Streaming still stable - we'll move over to the new system sometime during the next few days if it stays this way.

8. The baler twine (bottom left) is still in the nest, it was brought in by Monty at 20:23 last night. We expect it will eventually move outwards and by the time we have chicks that can stand up in another six weeks, will most probably be hidden beneath a pile of twigs.

We'll keep a close eye on it, but we won't be visiting the nest to remove it, neither on foot, in the dark, with night-vision glasses nor with a drone!

This image probably tells you all you need to know as to why...

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