Posted: Saturday 4th June 2016 by Emyr MWT

It's been one of those halcyon weeks at the Dyfi..


We've been bathed in glorious sunshine whereas most of the UK, particularly the east, has been draped in clouds and cold temperatures. It's usually the other way around!

Little Bob and Big Bob this morning enjoying the sunshine


Blue 24 is still with us although she has been spotted at Dai's old nest at ON5 a few times this week as well as probably at the Glaslyn. The new male at ON5 is still bringing fish to the incubating female, so we should have chicks hopefully in the next few days.

The ON 4 nest in Snowdonia has chick(s) as do the Glaslyn. The Glaslyn female is brooding two chicks, her 13th year of successfully raising a young family - these are the 33rd and 34th chicks to hatch from this pioneering Glaslyn nest!

Glaslyn chicks 2016 - image © Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife


There have been a lot of intruders at all four Welsh nests this year, especially over the last week or two. Hopefully some of these birds will be two and three-year-olds returning to the UK looking for suitable nesting sites and partners. We haven't seen Dai Dot since late April, but he could easily be one of these intruding birds.

Clarach has not been seen since earlier in the week during her Kielder visit, but there have been intruders at the osprey nest at Foulshaw Moss in Cumbria recently - could this be Clarach?

The two Rutland females, Blue 3J and Blue 5F, are still around the Glaslyn with 5F still incubating on her platform. Her and Aran's egg(s) are due to hatch any day if they are still viable. Yet another female tried to land on the Glaslyn nest this afternoon, whilst also intruding on 5F, possibly a bird with a blue ring. Clarach yet again on her webcam tour of the UK?

Back at the halcyon Dyfi (got to say it twice, doesn't happen very often!), both chicks are growing stronger by the day. We've seen some aggression between the two, but no more than normal. We usually see much more aggression when there are three chicks in a clutch.

Too tired to fight

The second egg is still in the nest cup. It will probably remain there, get pushed to the side or possibly get buried as the young chicks battle for more room as they get bigger. When we ring the chicks in another four weeks, we'll remove the egg and send it to be analysed - there's a chance we may get to know why it didn't hatch.

Here's a video of Big Bob and Little Bob from yesterday afternoon - look out for a cheeky little manoeuvre by Big Bob where he nicks his brother/sister's tea right out of its mouth..

The Goldilocks weather continues - Halcyon Days





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