Leyland Cypress

x Cupressocyparis leylandii

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The Leyland Cypress or 'Leylandii' is a large evergreen tree that is widely planted in parks and gardens as an ornamental species. It shows exceptionally rapid growth and has dense foliage - both factors that make it a popular hedging species.

How to identify

A very familiar, common and fast growing garden tree.

Where to find it



When to find it

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  • June
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How can people help

The spread of Leyland Cypress at the expense of planting native trees and hedges has not been great news for our wildlife, diminishing nectar and berry sources and suitable nesting areas. Our gardens can provide habitats for all kinds of wildlife, so instead of using exotic species, try planting native shrubs and trees. To find out more about wildlife-friendly gardening, visit our Wild About Gardens website: a joint initiative with the RHS, there's plenty of facts and tips to get you started.

Species information

Common name
Leyland Cypress
Latin name
x Cupressocyparis leylandii
Trees and shrubs
Height: up to 35m
Conservation status
Introduced species.