Telyn started breeding on the Dyfi nest in 2018 with Monty


Year of Birth 2013
Place of Birth Rutland Water 
Parents Father - Green 5R(2004), Mother - Maya (unringed)
First seen at Dyfi 2017
Breeding Years 2018 - present
Chicks Fledged 8   (5 ♂, 3 ♀)
Chick names Alys (2018 ♀), Helyg (2018 ♀), Dinas (2018 ♂), Berthyn (2019 ♀), Peris (2019 ♂), Hesgyn (2019 ♂).  Teifi (2020 ♂).  Tywi (2020 ♂)
Likes The Birch Perch, tap dancing
Dislikes Baler Twine and Egyptian Geese
Distinguishing Features Very yellow eyes, pretty face, quiet, great mother
Ring Number Blue 3J                                      




















Telyn hatched in 2013 at Rutland Water. She is the offspring of the established pair, 5R(04 ) and Maya. She had an unsuccessful breeding attempt at Rutland in 2016 where a pair of Egyptian Geese usurped her from her nest.

She was first seen as an intruding osprey on the Dyfi in 2017. 

She has been the resident breeding female since 2018, successfully raising three chicks in both 2018 and 2019 and two in 2020.

'Telyn' means harp (as in the musical instrument ) in Welsh. Here's why.


Here's a family tree showing where Telyn fits in with the other Rutland females that have bred in Wales:


Dyfi Family Tree



Telyn is a pretty female and very strong, often bringing back huge fish and nesting material.

Telyn's first mate on the Dyfi was Monty (2018 & 2019). He did not return in 2020, she has been breeding with Idris (unringed) since 2020 onwards.

Telyn (left) and Idris in 2021