Idris is the current breeding male at the Dyfi


Idris came into our lives, and Telyn's, on 5th April, 2020. 

We were still waiting for Monty to return, but alas he did not make it back.

Year of Birth Unknown (unringed)
Place of Birth Unknown
First seen at Dyfi  2020
Breeding Year  2020-
Chicks Fledged  Two: (2020: Teifi,♂Tywi♂)
Likes  Catching whoppers, incubating eggs (21% of time)
Dislikes Feeding chicks
Distinguishing Features Pale male, darker eyes than usual, attentive
Ring Number  Doesn't have one







Idris' first sunrise on Monty's old perch


What do we know about Idris?

Well, not very much.

He is not ringed, so we will probably never know where he was born, or how old he is. But we do have some clues about his past.

As soon as he arrived at the Dyfi, he was bonding well with Telyn. Too well for an inexperienced male. Has he done this before?

Darker eyes than usual (but not as dark as Monty's)

He was trying to mate with Telyn as soon as he arrived, but she was having none of it.

Not on a first date, son..

However, after less than 24 hours, they were both mating and at ease with each other. Idris must have been giving Telyn all the signs and signals she needed that he was a proficient male and a suitable mate for her to share her genes with. Birds in established pairs usually 'wait' longer than this for their partner to return before committing to another bird.


After just 11.5 days (a record for the Dyfi) they had their first egg and by the 22nd April they had three, all laid during the night.


Time will tell if we get any more clues about Idris. Both the 2020 chicks (two boys, Tywi & Teifi) were ringed on 30th June. Time will tell whether we may be able to shed any light on Idris' provenance once the DNA gets to the lab later this year.

Tywi and Teifi

Interesting times.

Idris tucks into a mullet


Mythology tells us that many moons ago a giant lived near the Dyfi. A giant of such stature that he used a local mountain as a chair; he is said to have studied the stars from on top of the 'chair'; it was reputed to bestow either madness or poetic inspiration on whoever spent a night on its summit.

Today we call this mountain Cader Idris - Idris' chair.

Our new male osprey is called Idris.