2016 Intruders Videos

25th March: Blue 24

Although an old favourite, Blue 24 is still technically an intruder, so we'll include her here.

She's back safely for the 2016 season - let's hope she finds a mate this year..

Here she is landing on the Dyfi nest for the first time in 2016 on 25th March, the first osprey on the nest this year:


30th March: Dai Dot, Blue 24 and Blue 5F

Before Monty and Glesni returned for the 2016 season (both arrived 3rd April), these three 'friends' were reunited at the Dyfi nest:



27th April - Dai Dot

Here's Dai intruding again on 27th April - it looks like he's been ousted from his ON5 nest this year - see blog here


2nd May: Scottish female, Blue AR7


Just a month after installing our state-of-the-art Ultra High Definition (4K) camera, we are already seeing the benfits of this amazing technology.


Here's a video of the blue-ringed osprey - we only see her for 0.9 seconds, but it was enough to make a positive ID with the 4K camera. Many thanks to Roy Dennis and Brian Etheridge (who ringed her) for getting back to us and letting us know the details of this osprey.

We've uploaded the video in 4k resolution - press 2160p if you have a fast broadband connection

Blue AR7 was colour ringed by Brian Etheridge on 5 July 2013 at a nest near Lairg, Sutherland, Highland Region. It was one of two chicks present. It was also marked with a metal BTO ring numbered 1447187. This is the first time Blue AR7 has been spotted having returned to the UK as an adult.