Become a Grand Champion

The Grand Champion Scheme

This is a way in which individuals, or small organisations or community groups, can become a Dyfi Wildlife Centre ‘Grand Champion’, and just like the corporate scheme, have their name (if they wish) engraved/printed onto an acknowledgement board in full view at the centre; The Grand Champion Wall.

Everyone that donates £1,000 or more automatically becomes a DWC Grand Champion. There are two main ways of donating.


 1. Simply donating £1,000 or more in one transaction


 2. By setting up your own fundraising project to raise £1,000


You could do this yourself or mobilise people around you and in your community. You could do sponsored events, collections, sell artwork or other goods, it’s completely up to you. You have until March 31st 2020 to raise your ‘Grand’, £1,000. The Grand Champion Scheme is our way of bringing together all of those who want to support the project with their own fundraising activities.


We have set up a Grand Champion support group on Facebook – completely optional of course. Whichever method you choose to become a Grand Champion, you will need to register by filling in the form below.

Grand Champions Facebook page here


Once registered you will receive an email with further information and, if you decide to, instructions on how to find and access the (closed) Facebook page. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any help - and 01654 781 414 and 07595 932 537.

One last thing – you decide what name you’d like on the Grand Champion board – it could be yourself, a couple, a small club or institution like a WI or a Gardening Club, or in memory of a loved one; it’s up to you.













Please use this form to register as a Grand Champion:


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