Posted: Wednesday 2nd June 2021 by Kim MWT

We have two strong chicks in the nest, they are growing up fast!

This year we have seen three early morning hatches for our new family of Bobs.

People often ask us why we call the young ospreys Bob - it is a nick-name we use until they get their real names at ringing. Bob is short for 'Bobble-head', so named, as when they first hatch the chicks' heads 'bobble' about until they strengthen their neck muscles and can hold they heads steady for feeding. 


Idris takes a turn feeding Bob 1 MWT Telyn feeding Bob2


This year the chicks hatched with just two days between each of them:


Chick Hatching Date Time
1 20th May 09:40
2 22nd May 06:27
3 24th May 05:21








Hatchings are always special occasions here at Dyfi Osprey Proect, here is a video of Bob 1 emerging into the world. 




Although all three hatchings happened without issue and all three chicks were able to free themselves from their eggs and take a first feed we had a sudden and sad incedent on the 22nd of May. Bob two died on the nest at just eight hours old when it was accidently suffocated. It was just too small to survive. 

Watching nature is sometimes hard and incedents like this happen. We are always sad to lose a chick or indeed any wildlife on the reserve. For the ospreys though this is part of the cycle of life and it means there are more resources available for the two remaining chicks who are growing fast. 

Idris is demonstrating great fishing skills against this year and is keeping the nest well supplied. 

Idris returns with a bass in the evening light



We know you all love the blogs but you might also like to know that we are trailing another way of keeping you up to date with the comings and goings of the Dyfi Osprey Project nest. We have developed an observation log where noteable activity and regular updates are shared via a Google Doc. You don't need to login to read it and might find it useful for checking up on what has happened on the nest. 

The document shows the newest information first and you can simply scroll through to delve deeper into the seasons key events. You can find the link in the comments below the live streaming or click here to go direct to the pages. 

However you choose to keep up to date the next key date for Big Bob and Bobby Bach (Bach is Welsh for small) will be ringing which we hope will take place in the last week of June. Until then we will be watching closely as these two grow and change every day.

A pair of very full bobs resting in the nest after another feed

MWT Bob1 and Bob 2 Bookends


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