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2021 DOP Cameras: 10 Things you Need to Know

Posted: Saturday 20th March 2021 by Emyr MWT

It's been a long seven-month wait, but that wait is just about coming to an end.


Here are 10 things you need to know about the DOP 2021 nest cameras and Live Streaming:


1. Camera Upgrades

Every year we incrementally improve the cameras and nest audio. Every five years or so, however, we have a major upgrade.

2021 is one of those big-changes year.

2. New Monty Perch

The old perch was fast approaching it's shelf-life. I doubt we would have had another year out of it without it failing and potentially causing damage to the nest/birds.

In October 2020 we replaced the old birch perch with a telegraph pole. It might not look quite as attractive, but... right tool for the right job etc.

Telegraph Road, in with the new

Much better to have a robust, strong platform for the ospreys to perch on rather than an aesthetically pleasing weakling. The Dyfi estuary is a brutal environment.

3. New CAM 1

CAM 1 has been with us right from the start of our High Definition journey in 2012.

Positioned on the Monty Perch, we have this week replaced it with a brand new super-high resolution 4K PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) camera. This means we can scan around the nest and Dyfi estuary with incredible resolution to bring you amazing, beautiful pictures.

4. New for Old

We've re-purposed the old CAM 1 and placed it centrally, right over the nest at a high elevation. This will give us a new camera angle this year and will be really useful for egg and small chick watching.

Out with the old (right) and in with the new...

5. New CAM 2

This was the bullet camera that was on the old birch perch. This has been replaced with a brand new high-resolution 4K camera with a fixed focal length.

It's already been giving us amazing shots this week.

6. Old Bullets

We've made a brand new low perch this year and stuck a camera on it for the first time at this low angle. So the old bullet camera from the birch perch is now secured on the low perch.

7. Hi-fi audio

We've replaced one of the microphoes in the nest - we now have two professional shotgun mics - Sennheisers. The best you can get.

8. When does the show begin?

Network Rail are helping us transport the scaffolding away this coming week - thank you.

We're still testing the whole set-up but we're very pleased with the results and the testing we've done so far.

Have a look for yourself - theses are the CAM 1 and CAM 2 pictures from the Monty Perch we've been testing this week:

We're still on track to get you live by 31 March, and hopefully a bit earlier.

9. How many pictures can I see at once?

We'll start off nice and simple. One 4K camera will start us off in a few days' time, but we've bought a new powerful computer and other infrastructure to stream TWO cameras at the same time.

The second camera will come online sometime in April; it will be easy to see both live pictures at the same time on one device using picture-in-picture technology. I'll write a blog to explain how to do this nearer the time.

In 2021 we will have seven nest cameras operating for the first time, simultaneously, 24/7. We'll choose the best two to show you on a continuous basis so you never miss any action.

In person at the Dyfi Wildlife Centre you'll be able to see at least four live cameras at the same time.

You'll be able to see the 2021 Live Streaming on our DOP Youtube Channel. Press the red Subscribe button to see the Live Streaming and all the 2021 videos as we upload them. Link HERE


10. 2021 Camera and Live Streaming Appeal

As you know, our cameras and Live Streaming is funded by our followers and supporters every year. We couldn;t do this without you.

Could you help us raise £25,000 to pay for this year's cameras and LS please?

1. Via the Virgin Giving Money button on the Live Streaming page.

2. Via the PayPal Giving Fund button on the Live Streaming page (no commission).

3. By sending a cheque payable to ‘Dyfi Osprey Project’ to:

2021 Live Streaming Appeal
Dyfi Osprey Project
Cors Dyfi
SY20 8SR

Thank you very much for your generosity. We are so excited about the 2021 season in our new home - the Dyfi Wildlife Centre - bet you are too. DOP will open to the public as soon as we're allowed to by the Welsh Government. Not too long now hopefully.

Thank you - Diolch yn fawr.

DOP volunteers put up the scaffolding in early March - thank you so much


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