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THREE Intruders - All at the Same Time

Posted: Wednesday 12th August 2020 by Emyr MWT

Just another normal day at the Dyfi nest...

If someone had said to you on Monday morning that later that day THREE intruding ospreys would turn up at the Dyfi nest - all at the same time - you would hardly believe it would you?

If you were then told that all three birds, all from different nests spread over 400 miles, were all ringed on exactly the same day of the same year - 10th July 2018 - you would just walk away, right?

This is when craziness morphed to ridiculous yesterday.

Here's the video:

Two of these two-year olds we've seen earlier in the season, Blue 284 was new to us.

Here is the list of all the intruders we've successfully identified this year - 11 in all - a new record.

Three of these, highlighted in red, were here together yesterday, all at the same time!

(the numbers column refers to the age when spotted)

So, as we approach the end of one season, it already looks good for 2021.

Blue 014 and Blue 284 were clearly known to each other and possibly arrived as 'a pair'. Was Blue LJ2 making his way down from Scotland or has he been around Wales much longer?

These birds - all 11 of them - will now have a map of the Dyfi and this nest programmed in to their cerebral SatNavs.

There will be many, many more - either unringed or didn't come close enough to be identified. When they return from migration next spring, there's a good chance we'll see several of these birds again - especially the two-year olds (they'll be three next year, obviously).

They are prospecting for mates and nest sites. When you go house hunting, you never book an appointment to see just one do you?

These young birds will have mapped the location of several nest sites they've visited in 2020 and armed with that mental map, they will return in seven months time looking to breed.

Make a note of these ring numbers, we'll be seeing our new friends again in years to come.

Isn't nature just amazing?

Blue LJ2 - or Long John Toe to his friends


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