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Partnership Working: 10 Years with Network Rail

Posted: Thursday 29th March 2018 by Emyr MWT

Fish Hawks on the Dyfi

To run a successful osprey project we work with a broad range of diverse partners. Some are small organisations and local businesses while others are large national companies like Network Rail.

To celebrate 10 years of working together, here is a 19-minute film produced by Network Rail about their partnership with Dyfi Osprey Project that highlights the importance of these relationships.

Network Rail provide electricity to the osprey nest (for free) as well as all the infrastructure that goes with that; they also maintain it.

Network Rail also donated the cabinets where all the sensitive nest electronics go as well as the half-mile of super fibre-optic cable that allow us to transmit images and sounds from the nest to the visitor centre and to your computers, phones and tablets, all at the speed of light!

A small charity like us need to work with partners, otherwise we don't succeed. We are eternally grateful to Ian, Amos and all the guys at Network Rail for all their help and support over the last 10 years. Very simply, there would not be a Dyfi Osprey Project without you.

Here's to the next decade...


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