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A Voice: Have Your Say

Posted: Saturday 20th January 2018 by Emyr MWT

Can you spare 10 minutes?

Throughout 2017 we have been working on improving the facilities at the Dyfi Osprey Project, specifically on replacing the dilapidated portacabin we have been using for the last 10 years as a 'visitor centre' with a new fit-for-purpose centre.

A major element of planning a new centre is to listen to the opinions of people that would use it - you.

But it's not just the people that have visited we want to hear from, it's from everybody, whether you have been to see us or not. We know from a quick poll of nearly 2,000 people that well over a third, around 36%, of the folks that follow us have never actually set foot at DOP. We want to hear your opinions too, just as much as from people that have visited.

So, we have designed two surveys. You've guessed it.... one for people that have visited before and another for those that haven't.


Both surveys are completely anonymous.

We do not want to know your email address, your date of birth, your gender, we don't even ask you your name. We just want to hear what you think.

You can only do the survey once, so that it's fair to everyone. Would you mind spending less than 10 minutes completing the survey? We'd really love to hear your thoughts.

Please take your time and read the questions carefully. If you tick more than your allocation of boxes the survey will tell you at the end that you haven't answered that question - just return to it and click the correct amount of boxes.

Here they are:

Please only complete one survey. Each survey only has 13 questions.


1. Survey for people that HAVE visited at least once:


2.Survey for people that have NEVER visited:


These surveys form part of a suite of surveys and consultation that we are doing. Thank you so much for your time - and your thoughts.


Janine out on the streets. It really was that cold!


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