Posted: Tuesday 11th July 2017 by Emyr MWT

Aeron has fledged!

Having looked for all the world he was going to go yesterday, Aeron somehow managed to stay in the nest despite some of the most aeronautical and impressive helicoptering flights we have ever seen.

Today, however, looked like a washout as far as fledging was concerned. Heavy rain all day and not a smudge of wind rendered Aeron, Menai and Eitha as motionless as three osprey gnomes peering out into the mid Wales murk.

Then, suddenly, at 18:06 this happened:

Aeron fledged at the exact age you would expect a male to fledge - at 51 days old.

Here's how he compares with all the other Dyfi fledglings:


Aeron has just started the next phase of his life, a very dangerous period in any flying bird's life. He looks a very confident flier showing hardly any of the behaviours we sometimes see in birds that are a bit reticent to leave the nest for the first time.

He has already visited the camera pole, low perch and larch perch several times over - as if he was saying, "I knew I should have gone yesterday - this is great!"


We wish him luck. Now over to the girls...

Aeron is on his way..


Many congratulations to Christine Pares who won the fledging competition - the beautiful Monty Canvas is on its way to you.

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