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Clarach Returns To Wales!

Posted: Tuesday 3rd May 2016 by Emyr MWT

Clarach Returns To Wales!

Today, 3rd May 2016, we've witnessed another milestone in the developing story of Welsh osprey recolonisation.

At 11:41, an offspring from the Dyfi osprey nest was sighted back in the UK as an adult - the first one ever to be re-sighted. Clarach, Glesni's first-born chick, ring number Blue 2R, landed on the Glaslyn nest, 28 miles north, for 19 seconds - here she comes:

Video courtesy of ©Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn Wildlife


Doesn't she look pretty?


Here's how people on the DOP Chat responded..









Monty's first mate, Nora (2011 - 2012), did not return in 2013 and Monty finally paired up with Glesni well into May that year. Subsequently, they laid two eggs very late on in the season - both eggs hatched and two very strong and beautiful daughters was the result.








We named them after Welsh rivers: Cerist was ringed Blue 1R and Clarach was Blue 2R


And here is the video of both sisters being ringed on 6th August 2013



Ospreys don't return to the UK for two to three years, so we have no idea whether this is Clarach's first time back or whether she was actually in Wales last year, but went un-recorded. An osprey "with an R" in the ring was reported at Dai Dot's old nest at ON5 in 2015, but the ring number could not be read in full. Either way, it doesn't matter! She's alive and has made it through the first few difficult years of her life.

We always thought we would see Clarach and/or Cerist again one day - both sisters were strong birds when they left the Dyfi on 18th and 20th September 2013. We were so confident we'd see Clarach again, we said so in the video!

Clarach migrates from the Dyfi on 18th September 2013


Female ospreys are nowhere near as philopatric as males, meaning that they will roam around widely from their natal nest looking for a suitable partner and nest site. Hopefully, Clarach will meet up with Glaslyn's Blue 80 (2012) if he's still around and we already know Dai Dot is looking for love again. And we also have males from 2014 to return hopefully.

There were four males out of a total of 10 Welsh chicks in 2014 (all six offspring in 2013 were females). The window for two-year-olds returning is May onwards, so strap yourself in - we may have some more visitors in the coming weeks. Interesting times.

On a separate note, we apologise to any of the many DOP visitors today who may have encountered crying, shouting and hysterical volunteers in the visitor centre and 360 Observatory. Normal service will resume tomorrow.

Clarach just before she migrated in September 2013


We would like to thank all our friends and colleagues at the Glaslyn for their invaluable help today and for sending us the video of Clarach landing on the nest - you can follow the Glaslyn ospreys, including Live Streaming, here. Thanks also to Tony Cross and Chris Townsend that ring our ospreys for us every year - our understanding of osprey populations and movements would be much the poorer without you guys.

But above all, a massive, massive thank you to all our Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust DOP volunteers, who each year help us protect these young ospreys and eggs from harm.

This is the promised land, this is why you do it, this is your reward...



UPDATE - 4th May: Here's Alwyn talking live on BBC news about Clarach's return

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