Egg & Incubation Data


*Did Not Hatch. Egg sent for analysis in July 2016 - The results prooved to be a little inconclusive. You can read more in point number 7 of this blog.




Delayed Incubation vs Standard Incubation

This chart below illustrates two very different reproductive strategies with regard to incubation.

Nora (2011/12) did not incubate the first and second eggs fully until she lay a third. This ensures that if all three chicks hatch, they do so very near to each other in time.

Glesni (2013 - 2017) on the other hand incubated immediately after laying her first egg - this results in a more spread out hatching sequence.

The comparison is for the three-egg clutch years only, so that we're comparing apples with apples. The average hatch spread for Nora was 2.2 days, whereas the hatch-spread for Glesni's three chicks was more than double, 4.5 days.