Osprey Key Dates

Dates are very important in nature.

Ospreys are migratory so timing is crucial in terms of getting back to the UK in an optimal time to achieve the best breeding productivity. Get back too early and risk a cold spring with food hard to come by and few other ospreys around; get back too late and all of the nest sites and breeding birds are spoken for.

The further north in the Europe ospreys breed the later they tend to come back - for obvious reasons. Ospreys in France return in February and early March whereas those birds breeding in northern Finland may not get back until late April. 

Here are all the key dates corresponding to significant milestones since the Dyfi ospreys started to breed:


 Note: these dates are published at the back of the DOP Calendar each year - look out for them in the online shop from the autumn onwards.

MWT Key Dates 2019