Dyfi Chicks 2011 - Present

Here is a list of all the Dyfi chicks to date with some key statistics below and a Family Tree:


MWT Family tree


Einion (Blue DH) - Male

Dulas (Blue 99) - Male

Leri (Blue DJ) - Female

All these birds were tracked and all made it to west Africa. Leri died a few weeks later but both Einion and Dulas made it to their first birthday.

We think Dulas died in a horrible thunder storm in Guinea Bissau in June 2012, but Einion's tracker malfunctioned at around the same time on the Atlantic coast in Senegal. We will always be hopeful we'll see him again on the Dyfi - the first osprey to hatch on the estuary in over 400 years.

 Einion - the first osprey to fledge on the Dyfi in 400 years. He actually hatched from the second egg laid.                          ©Andy Rouse 


Ceulan (Blue 3C) - Male

2012 was the year of the horrific summer storms that hit the UK and gave us the wettest summer on record in Wales. It was horrific.

Nora and Monty produced three eggs and all three hatched. However, two of the chicks died at just a few days old due to the unprecedented amounts of rain and the third one nearly died as well. But, with a little helping hand, he didn't and he also made it all the way to west Africa in record time. We named him Ceulan after the river that burst its banks near DOP.

Ceulan sadly died in fisherman's nets in December of 2012. You can read about him here.



Cerist (Blue 1R) - Female

Clarach (Blue 2R) - Female

This was Glesni's first year with Monty. She did very well to produce two beautiful female chicks just as she turned three years old - quite young for a female osprey.

Cerist and Clarach were big birds and Cerist will forever be remembered for getting lost shortly after fledging. We conducted a search party and went looking for her - and eventualy found her two days later!

She was sitting on the ground, starving. We flushed her out and within an hour she had made it back to the safety of the nest. She was soon tucking in again.

 Clarach managed a slightly more successful first flight than her sister


Clarach has since returned to the UK to breed, find out all about her here.




Deri (Blue 5R) - Female

Gwynant (Blue 3R) - Male

There's no question that in 2014 Monty and Glesni produced two eggs and not three due to the constant disruption from Blue 24. Clutch size and sometimes whole season breeding productivity can be lost due to the constant intrusions of other ospreys. These are birds looking for a nest and mate of their own and will attempt to hijack a nest and displace another osprey.

Gwynant was Glesni's first male offspring and Deri was a touch on the noisy side. Boy, did she have a pair of lungs on her.

Gwynant strolls off for a little wander shortly after we ringed him.

2018 Update: Gwynant has returned to Wales as an adult!


Merin (Blue W1) - Male

Celyn (Blue W2) - Female

Brenig (Blue W3) - Male


2015 was the first year since 2011 that we had three chicks fledge from the Dyfi nest and it was Glesni's first triplets year.

It was as close to a perfect season that we've had with no serious intrusions, no disasters and average weather with no sudden summer storms. A bit of a Goldilocks year in which Monty and Glesni produced three beautiful chicks.  

Celyn, Merin and BrenigCelyn, Merin and Brenig


Ceri (Blue Z0) - Female

Tegid (Blue Z1) - Male


2016 proved to be the most tumultuous year so far in the history of Welsh osprey recolonisation.

Blue 24 laid three eggs at a nest close by, none of which hatched, whereas Glesni laid her usual three but one didn't hatch, the second laid. One female (Ceri) and one male (Tegid) hatched but tragically, Ceri died a few days after fledging aged 57 days following a bizarre fall from the larch perch late at night.

The highlight of the year was undoubtedly the first ever Dyfi chick to be resighted back in the UK as an adult. Clarach Blue 2R(13) was spotted on the Glaslyn nest on 3rd May before going on to be sighted at both Rutland Water and Kielder Water in Northumberland.   



Aeron (Blue Z2) - Male

Menai (Blue Z3) - Female

Eitha (Blue Z4) - Female




2017 was the earliest start to the breeding season we have seen on the Dyfi to date. With reduced disturbance from Blue 24, Monty and Glesni were able to incubate, hatch and raise three strong chicks.

Eitha was quick to prove that osprey chicks don't read the text books about ospreys! She caught herself a couple of good sized flounders before heading off on her first migration. 

2017 also saw the first grand chicks for Monty and Glesni. Their first ever chick, Clarach Blue 2R(13) breed successfully on a nest near Aberfoyle, you can find out all about Clarach here.

Aeron, Menai and Eitha on the nest with Monty and Glesni

MWT family group 2017