2017 Season - Just Videos

2017 DOP Season in Cinematography

On this page we'll post all the best videos from the 2017 season in chronological order - scroll down for the most recent.

1. MARCH 21st: Testing the new 2017 cameras, pre-season. New 4K cameras looking AMAZING!

2. MARCH 30th: Love Blue 24

Blue 24 returns on 24th March, but who will take a chance on her?

3. APRIL 1st: Glesni Returns

At 10:24 on the 1st April, Glesni returns to the Dyfi and, for the first time, before Monty. This was no April Fool's joke!

4. APRIL 1st: Monty Returns

At 15:42, just five hours after Glesni arrived, Monty does also and wastes no time getting reacquainted! Did they meet each other up on the way north?


5. APRIL 2nd: Monty tests the new 2017 nest perch


6. APRIL 9th: If This is Love (The Luck)

7. APRIL 14th: Glesni Lays an Easter Egg

8. April 16th: Glesni - Supermum

9. April 17th: Glesni lays her second Easter Egg!

10. April 17th: Glesni lays her third egg

11. April 26th: A Scottish female intruder - Blue FK8 from a 2014 clutch at Tweed Valley. FK8 is tracked and winters in Portugal.

12. May 21st - 26th: All three chicks hatch

13. Clarach: 2013-2017 Life Video

14. Chick Aggression in Ospreys

15. 19th June - Growing up fast..

16. 20th June - With all the sunny weather we've been having in Wales recently (no, really), an osprey's wings double up as a great parasol.

17. Monty Dyfi Sunrise - as well as an osprey you will also find tequila and some eagles in this video

18. The Heron

19. Posh Pete Test 2017

20. The Ringing Video - 2017

21. Three's a Crowd

22. Aeron: Six Weeks Old

23. Osprey Feet - the osprey's claws are rounded and not grooved like many other raptors

24. Aeron Fledges - 11th July

25. Menai Fledges - 13th July

26. Osprey Family

27. Menai Straits

28. Eitha Fledges

29. Glesni Flying Lesson

30. Flounder or Plaice?

31. Monty catches two fish at once - for the second time this year!

32. Defibrillator

33. Do Not Disturb - Monty gets ambushed by a barn owl while asleep

34. Blue 24 Returns to the Dyfi

35. Monty Migrates: Everybody's Talkin'


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