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Menai falls out of the nest in the dark. Blog here

Eitha has fledged at 12:53, 18th July. Blog here

Click here for Dyfi Tide Times (add +20 mins for Cors Dyfi)

2017 DOP Season Summary

24th March: Blue 24 returns at 13:54

28th March: Second Cors Dyfi nest platform removed under license. Blog here

30th March: View the 'Love Blue 24' ABBA video here

1st April: Glesni returns at 10:25

1st April: Monty returns at 15:42

2nd April: One side of the larch perch breaks off

14th April: Glesni lays an Easter Egg on Good Friday at 07:17

17th April: Glesni lays egg No 2 at 06:36

20th April: Glesni lays egg No 3 at 06:21

26th April: Scottish Intruder caught on DOP 4K cameras

4th/7th/10th May: Clarach lays three eggs in her Aberfoyle nest

21st May (Sunday): First Chick (Aeron) hatches at 12:45

22nd May (Monday): Second Chick (Menai) hatches at 23:12

26th May (Friday): Third Chick (Eitha) hatches at 09:05 - BLOG & VIDEO

12th/13th/15th June: All three of Clarch's chicks hatch in Aberfoyle

16th June: One of Clarach's chicks is missing; cause unknown

27th June: Chicks ringed, weighed, swabbed and named - Aeron, Menai & Eitha. Blog here

11th July: Aeron Fledges at 18:06 - 51 days old. Blog and video here

13th July: Menai fledges at 15:29 - 52 days old. Blog here

18th July: Eitha Fledges at 12:53 - 53 days old. Blog here


Press this link for key DOP dates  and here for details of all Welsh chicks to date