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Sorry, we do not allow dogs, except assistance dogs, onto Cors Dyfi Reserve.

In order to minimise disturbance to the wildlife we do not allow dogs, except assistance dogs, anywhere on the nature reserve. Visitors with dogs are welcome to walk them in the car park and sit on the picnic chairs and tables. 

Please check the weather forcasts if you are planning to visit with a dog and be aware that there is little shade on the car park, especially in the middle of the day.

We do not advise you to leave your dog in the car. Dogs remain the responsibility of the owners at all times.


For clarity, here are some of the reasons why we don't allow dogs on the reserve:

1. Cors Dyfi is a lowland raised peat bog. This is a rare habitat in the UK these days, not suitable for pets.

2. All dogs scent mark, particularly males. This affects the territorial behaviour of other mammals we have on the reserve - species such as otters, beavers and badgers.

3. The boardwalk is teaming with reptiles and amphibians - lizards, frogs and toads. All these are BAP species requiring conservation action plans.

4. Several ground nesting birds breed on Cors Dyfi - including some of the migratory warbler species. Again, not suitable for dogs.

5. Prior to 2014 we spent years cleaning up people's mess. Usually poo bags thrown into trees. We want to run an osprey project and visitor centre - not pick up faeces.

6. We've had at least two incidents of visitors being bitten by a dog on the reserve.

7. Not withstanding all the above, we have now way of assessing which animals are, or are not, "well behaved dogs".

We are not against dogs - most of us have at least one. We kindly ask that you consider that Cors Dyfi is not a park, it's a nature reserve with specialised habitats containing a peat bog ecosystem. It really isn't suitable for pets.

Recently we invested in paved areas and picnic tables at the front of the Dyfi Wildlife Centre specifically for people with pets - visitors are welcome to bring their dogs to this area.