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The Good, The Bad and The Not-Quite-So-Pretty

Posted: Thursday 29th August 2019 by Kim MWT

MWT M and BMonty and Berthyn

Good News...

The good news is that Monty and Berthyn are still with us. Monty delivered a breakfast flounder just before 8:00 am and both he and Berthyn fed for the next hour. 

Monty delivers a fresh flounder breakfast

Monty brings in  a Flounder


Telyn, Hesgyn and Peris have already begun their migrations south. We don't know when these two will rise up on the thermals and disappear over the hills to the south of the reserve. Hopefully we have a little longer to enjoy views like the one below of father and daughter on the nest together. 

Monty and Berthyn on the nest earlier this morning


Bad News...

The bad news is that unfortunately we started the day with technical issues in the DOP office. After numerous phone calls we discovered that due to a miscommunication with our broad-band provider the internet service to DOP has been prematurely disconnected. 

Internet Broken

This means that we are now unable to continue the live streaming and have no access to anything web based from the office. However, the cameras are still working and we will monitor them up until Monday morning when the electricity supply will also be disconnected. We do still have live pictures in the Visitor Centre. 

DOP will close as planned at 5.30pm tomorrow, Friday 30th August. Please be aware that there will be no access to the nature reserve after this time as construction of the Dyfi Wildlife Centre will commence immediately.


Also this week...

It is not just the services that we need to disconnect in order to start work on the DWC. The site for the new building also needs to be carefully prepared to ensure that any wildlife in the area has time to move away to areas that will not be disturbed. The slow process of searching and clearing back vegetation is now almost complete and the cladding has been removed from the cabins. It will be very exciting to see the new centre taking shape over the next few months. 

Site preparations for the DWC are nearly complete

DWC site preparations


We will of course keep you up-to-date with osprey departures, the season's statistics and building progress as often as we can in the months ahead.

Thank you for your support this year we look forward to doing it all again in 2020! 


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