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Right on Cue, Egg Number Two

Posted: Saturday 20th April 2019 by Kim MWT

Telyn lays the second egg of the season.

Sometimes nature can be surprising and unexpected, other times it works like clockwork. Going on past timings, we were hopeful that we would wake up to another egg in the nest and we weren't disappointed. Some of us were even up early enough to catch the event live. 

Moments before 6am, Telyn showed all the signs that an egg was on the way. We got the briefest glimpse before she covered it over, waiting until later to show off the goods.


The weather on the Dyfi has been warm and sunny for the Easter weekend so we have had a couple of good views of the eggs since opening. 

Every year, we try to look for distinguishing marks on each egg so that we can tell them apart. This is not easy but egg two seems to have one splodge with a mark that looks like an 'f' scratched into it. This could be a useful pointer in the future. 

If egg production continues to go to plan, we should see number three early on Tuesday morning. 

Two down, one to go..?

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