Posted: Wednesday 17th April 2019 by Kim MWT

Easter has come early on the Dyfi with the arrival of our first egg of the season. Telyn made herself comfortable in the nest around 06.15. After some minutes of pushing, we got the first sight of the red and cream speckled egg at 06.21.

This is Telyn's fifth egg to date, (she had a failed breeding attempt over at Rutland where she produced her first egg), hopefully we will see two more and have a repeat of last season's clutch of three.

Monty has been his usual attentive self and has already had several turns at incubating throughout the day. If all goes to plan, we can hope to see chicks at the end of May, just in time for the bank holiday weekend.


Don't forget, you can see all our previous years egg data under the 'osprey data' tab on the website.

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