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Osprey transfer window: OPEN

Posted: Tuesday 8th August 2017 by Karis MWT

We still have the lovely Glesni, but for how long?

It has been a fairly quiet week on the Dyfi. The chicks are all doing really well; flying around and perching by the river during the day, but returning to the safety of the nest area over night. Both parents are still bringing a ready supply of fish, so we can rest assured that Aeron, Menai and Eitha are all getting plenty each.

Sibling rivalry is still evident amongst the youngsters, and it will continue to play out until the chicks leave the nest for the final time.

Monty catches two fish - for the second time this year!

Menai has always been an adventurous one, and having seen her on the feeding perch in last weeks’ blog, it was only a matter of time before we found her trying somewhere else for size. A passing fox prompted us to pan the camera down…look who we found!

Several metres up, Menai was relatively safe from the visitor, but recognising the threat she kept a close eye on him!
MWT - Menai and fox

Update from Aberfoyle

At just after 4:30pm on Friday, Clarach's eldest chick took to the Scottish skies for the first time. At 53 days old, Blue LH0 fledged directly into the wind, becoming Monty and Glesni's first ever grandchick to do so (as far we know anyway!).

LH0's maiden flight
MWT- LH0 fledging

Many congratulations to Clarach, her mate, and everyone at The Lodge Forest Visitor Centre in Aberfoyle!

Eyes to the skies

Almost five years ago to the day, on 7th August 2012, we waved Nora off for what would be her last flight south; a timely reminder of the dangers these birds face.

Nora - dearly missed, never forgotten.
MWT - Nora

The weather here has been very changeable over the past few days, with blue skies turning grey in the blink of an eye! The long term forecast looks much the same, so it is anyone’s guess as to when Glesni will start her migration. Ideally she would wait for a nice dry day to set off to Africa, with a northerly wind to push her south. Keep your eyes on that weather forecast!

With the migration window very much open, we are expecting to see more intruding ospreys as they pass over the Dyfi on their way south. Immature adults, and those from failed nests are most likely to be seen first, with adults and this years’ juveniles building in number throughout August.

Just because we didn't see any other Dyfi chicks at the start of the year doesn't mean they didn't come back. Watch this space - if we do catch a glimpse of a familiar face, you'll be the first to know!

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