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Osprey hide and seek!

Posted: Wednesday 26th July 2017 by Karis MWT

MWT three chicksMWT three chicks

Confidence is growing with our three chicks - will they stay out of trouble?

It's been just over a week since our last chick, Eitha, fledged.

In this time we have watched the confidence of all three grow; testing the water (literally, in the case of Aeron!) and perfecting their flying skills.

We spotted one of our ospreys diving into a small pool from a perch near the river. We couldn’t see who it was, but it wasn’t long before the culprit showed themselves upon returning to the nest!

AeronMWT Aeron in the mud

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep tabs on the whereabouts of all five ospreys, with inclement weather, intruders and simple curiosity frequently sending them all off in different directions. A quick check of perches across the reserve often reveals the locations hidden from view in the Observatory, and we all breath a quick sigh of relief having rounded them all up.

Menai, the middle chick, is often victorious when it comes to the game of hide and seek. She regularly eludes us for hours at a time, but is usually back in a flash when Monty or Glesni return with a fish. This week we discovered one of the places she frequents when we are closed for the day.

This trail cam is worth its weight in gold!

MWT Menai TrailCam

She’s a growing girl, willing to throw her weight around, and is not shy when it comes to calling first dibs on the newly delivered fish!

Aeron joins his sisters on the nest after Monty delivered an enormous flounder. Menai had no plans to share!

MWT Aeron to nest

Eitha’s maiden flight was by far the most impressive; remaining aloft for 3 minutes 20 seconds! As she shows off her aerobatic skills, the worry that Bobby Bach caused back in May is becoming a distant memory.

Her confidence is growing every day, and she is finding her feet on a variety of perches - some look comfier than others!

MWT - Eitha on larch

Quick update on the grandchildren!

Both of Clarach's chicks were ringed and satellite tagged last week; ring numbers LH0 and LH1. They are two boys.

Well done everyone at Aberfoyle and Forestry Commission Scotland. You can follow their progress here at The Lodge Forest Visitor Centre.

MWT - Clarach's chicks

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