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Idris & Telyn: How to Tell Them Apart?

Posted: Saturday 9th May 2020 by Emyr MWT

Is there an easy way to tell Idris and Telyn apart, especially if their legs are obscured?




⦿ Around 15% larger - easy to tell when they are positioned next to each other on the same focal plane
⦿ Slightly darker head plumage
⦿ Darker chest plumage
⦿ Lighter coloured yellow eyes
⦿ Has iris dots in both eyes
⦿ (behaviour) Does approx 80% of the incubation; only Telyn food solicits
⦿ Ringed - Blue 3J on right leg, metal (BTO) ring left leg

Telyn - Blue 3J ring, right leg



⦿ Unringed
⦿ Paler chest plumage - typical of males
⦿ Has a whiter head (a bit like Dai Dot)⦿ Has 'eyebrows'! Brown plumage immediately above the eyes (white in Telyn)

⦿ Stripe on the back of the head - straighter than Telyn's

⦿ Hardly any iris dots
⦿ Slightly darker, mustard coloured eyes
⦿ (behaviour) More often seen on Monty Perch and lower perches
⦿ (behaviour) Does all the fishing at the moment, so only Idris is seen with a live, uneaten fish
⦿ Very pale underwings, hardly any brown plumage 


Idris has no leg rings

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