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Dinas, Alys & Helyg Fledge

Posted: Monday 23rd July 2018 by Emyr MWT

Telyn has her first ever fledgling.

23rd July

Dinas, the youngest of the three offspring this year and the only male, has fledged - ahead of both his older sisters.

He took off at 14:31 on 23rd July and managed to fly to the top of the camera pole - he's still there at 7pm!

Dinas was a fraction over 50 days old when he launched his maiden flight - he becomes the third youngest 'fledger' of all 17 Dyfi chicks that have made it airborne to date:

Dinas fledges at 50.1 days old

MWT Fledge graph

More later as things progress; meantime here is a short video of Dinas fledging (no audio)

Many thanks to everyone that entered the Fledgling Competition. Jenny Hillier was closest with a guess of 14:37 - just six minutes out! Many congratulations Jenny, the beautiful Ceri print is on its way to you in sunny Southampton.

25th July

Both sisters are 'helicoptering' like crazy, however neither sister has fledged yet. 

We have had an intruding osprey however - many thanks to visitor Kath Williams who took some great shots of this female from the 360 Observatory:

She has a blue Darvic ring on her right leg - so English or Welsh female. Unfortunately, we can't quite see enough of the digits through the leg feathers to read them.

Could be a Dyfi female returning.... let's hope we see her again.


26th July

Alys fledged at 07:04 this morning, circled the nest twice and nearly knocked her mother off the birch perch in the process!

Her maiden flight took exactly two minutes. Two down, Helyg to go...

Look out!! Alys comes close to knocking her own mother off the birch perch

HAT-TRICK: Helyg has fledged!

She lifted off at 13:32 at almost the same age as her sister - 54 days old. 

Helyg launched herself from the nest, did three circuits of the nest before landing next to her mum on the camera pole 1min 37 seconds later.

Lift-off: Helyg, the middle chick takes off on her maiden flight

She landed safely on the camera pole - and you can see the damage Dinas did to the Live Streaming camera when he spent his first night up there a few days ago!

We just need a bit of rain now to wash the poop-stripe away to improve our viewing pleasure.

Helyg (left) lands next to Telyn after her inaugural flight


The table below shows all 19 Dyfi chicks to have fledged to date. As you can see, other than Leri in 2011, Alys and Helyg were the oldest of all the chicks to date to fledge.

Both sisters fledged at almost the same age, 54.5 days for Alys and 54.1 for Helyg. 

Fledging ages of all 19 Dyfi ofspring to date:


MWT Fledge graph



There is a 1.2 day difference between male (less) and female (longer) fledging, which is exactly what you would expect for ospreys. Females are generally heavier so need a little more time to develop to fledging age.

Here are all the Dyfi fledging averages:


More later and video over the weekend..

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