Posted: Wednesday 19th July 2017 by Emyr MWT

Eitha has fledged.

At 12:53 yesterday, 18th July, she finally plucked up her courage and took the plunge - directly off the new nest perch.

As happens with many fledglings, she initially went down, but soon reacted before ascending and continuing on for over three and a half minutes, soaring and flapping around the Dyfi as if she'd been doing it all her life. Can you just imagine what goes through a bird's mind during these first few seconds of flight?

Eitha was 53 days old when she took her maiden flight, a day older than the Dyfi average for females. This was to be expected as Eitha is the largest of this year's offspring - she'd probably hit the scales at over 2Kgs at the moment. Larger birds tend to take a day or two longer to get airborne.

Complete set of Dyfi fledging ages for all offspring with trend-line averages for males and females


Here's the video of Eitha's historic flight, the 16th young osprey to do so from this nest:

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