Posted: Thursday 13th July 2017 by Emyr MWT

Menai has fledged.

After threatening to jump off all day, Menai finally decided it was time to test her wings out in earnest at precisely 15:29. She didn't go far, just a hop really to the camera pole.

Soon afterwards, however, she set of for a relatively long-haul flight of over two minutes, finally deciding to try and land on the anti-perch perch on top of the larch tree.

She made it back to the nest soon afterwards with what can be described as a minor misjudgment. She soon untangled herself from the offending rail-twig into the sanctuary of the nest where a few minutes later Monty brought a mullet in for the whole family.

Menai is on the nest perch at the start of the video:

Menai fledged at 52 days old, right where you'd expect a strong, healthy female osprey to fly.

Here are all the Dyfi fledglings so far:


So, just Eitha left in the nest now without the ability to fly. She's four days younger than her sister Menai, so we may not see her fledge until early next week. Pop in and visit us if you're close enough!

The weather forecast isn't too bad for the next week or so, no nasty surprises. Best of luck to them all.

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