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Tegid Fledges but Ceri's in Trouble

Posted: Monday 18th July 2016 by Emyr MWT

Lets do the good news first

Tegid fledged this morning at 12:34 - he is 50 days old.

His maiden flight lasted around 30 seconds before he came in to land successfully on the camera pole. He stayed there until this afternoon and has subsequently made several short trips around the nest infrastructure.

Here are the updated fledging stats (thanks Heather):


Average gender split for fledging age

Here's the bad news


At eight minutes to midnight last night there was an almighty kerfuffle on the nest and when we checked the cameras this morning, it appears that Ceri somehow 'fell' off the larch perch.

We were frantically searching for her this morning on the cameras (hence the poor camera angle of Tegid fledging) and found her grounded.

Here's the video (erratum - Tegid fledged at 50 days old) ..



So Ceri made it back to the larch perch under her own steam having spent just under 12 hours on the ground. The fact that she could lift off from a standing position in tall rushes is hopefully a good sign.



She seemed a little shaken, but was preening and behaving normally on the larch perch as far as we could make out.

At 14:20 Tegid managed to push her off the larch tree, but she managed to fly to the nest okay a few seconds later.

Soon after she started to droop her head, close her eyes and kept her wings half-dropped. Two fish have been brought in since, but as I write at 20:10, she is still not showing any interest in feeding, just standing by the edge of the nest, head drooped down. She last fed yesterday evening, around 24 hours ago.



We are worried that Ceri may be ill (maybe an illness caused her to fall off the perch?), but she is standing up and is aware of what is going on around her. We have no reason to intervene in any way.

Indeed, if we did, she would quickly fly off long before we could get anywhere near the nest - we would do much more harm than good.

We will monitor the situation closely and hope she recovers. Ceri does not seem to be injured in any way, we've had a really good look at her by zooming in on every part of her anatomy with another nest cam - no obvious signs of blood or injury. The fact that she seems to be able to fly normally is promising.

Ospreys get all their water from their food. Let's hope she perks up before tomorrow - it's forecast to be 30°C.

We'll keep you updated. Poor thing.


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