Posted: Thursday 14th July 2016 by Emyr MWT

At 09:25 this morning, 14th July, Ceri fledged

At 51 days old she turned around in the nest, faced west into the prevailing wind, what there was of it, and she was gone.

There was little fanfare, no grandstanding, no excessive wing-flapping, she just launched herself off the rim of the nest as if she had been flying for years. Her maiden flight lasted just 24 seconds before she circled around and landed back on the nest, again into the prevailing wind - just like a pro.

How do they know to do that!!

A couple of minutes later she did exactly the same thing again, this time recording an airborne time of 28 seconds - four seconds longer than her first flight.

Three minutes later she was off again, only this time she did not land back on the nest - she chose instead to alight next to her Mother on the camera pole, just above the nest.

Taken from the 360 Observatory at 11:30

Here she stayed for a couple of hours before hunger, and the promise of a fresh mullet, enticed her down from the top of the larch perch.

Ceri, and her brother Tegid for that matter, will stay around the nest for another six or seven weeks, so if you want to come and see them fly - this is the best time to visit! Glesni is usually the first to go (24th August last year) followed by the chicks a week or so later with Monty starting his southerly migration last in September.

Here is a video of what can only be described as a near perfect fledging and inaugural aerobatic display by one clever osprey today...


Many congratulations to JoyC for winning the Fledging Competition. For the first time ever, we have a guess that's not only near the actual time, but at 09:25, spot on!!


Framed photo of Clarach on its way to you Joy.





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