Posted: Monday 30th May 2016 by Emyr MWT

When ospreys return to the UK as adults, you're lucky if you spot one.

Some birds go unnoticed for several years - like Yellow 37 (Glaslyn 2005 male) who wasn't identified for seven whole years until 2012, breeding at Kielder Water.

Others hog the limelight and are spotted several times over, sometimes at different locations.

So guess who turned up at Kielder Water, Northumberland, at midday yesterday ?!!

Clarach has now been spotted on the Glaslyn nest - twice, Manton Bay nest at Rutland Water,  and now at a Kielder nest - all within a fortnight!


Oh, the Irony...

© Forestry Commission England

The irony in all this? Clarach has visited another Welsh nest other than her natal one as an adult, her Mother's colony in Rutland - and now White YA's old nest in Kielder. White YA is a Glaslyn (2007) male breeding in Kielder. And who's to say she didn't do all this last year too?

She's clearly doing the webcam rounds..

Big thanks to Joanna Dailey at Kielder and Forestry Commission England for sharing this information with us - another great example of osprey projects working together and helping us create a brilliantly clear picture of what these amazing birds get up to.


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