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New Book: Ospreys In Wales – The First Ten Years

Posted: Sunday 23rd November 2014 by Emyr MWT

Ospreys in WalesOspreys in Wales

For hundreds of years during the last millennium, Wales had been devoid of breeding ospreys. Not since the last ice age some 11,000 years ago, had such a vast amount of time passed without this enigmatic bird of prey nesting and breeding in the Principality. Then, in 2004, the first osprey chick in centuries fledged a nest in Mid Wales and since then, thankfully, ospreys have successfully bred in Wales every year for the following decade.
The story of the osprey’s revival as a breeding species is one of the greatest conservation success stories of recent times. Persecuted for hundreds of years to the brink of extinction in the British Isles, the osprey has fought back against adversity and now has a strong foothold in Scotland once again.
At the start of this century this iconic bird of prey started to nest south of the border and in 2004, finally nested in Wales.

The first osprey chick in Wales for centuries in 2004 - it's probably not Monty though.

Dyfi Osprey Welshplool chick in nest
The osprey’s story of recovery and resurgence as a nesting raptor in Wales is a remarkable one. Battling fierce weather conditions, nest collapse and the constant threat from egg collectors and human disturbance, the osprey has defied all the odds. By sheer tenacity and an unyielding determination to survive, it is now making a comeback in Wales.
This book chronicles the osprey’s journey in Wales from those early days of nesting attempts in 2004, to a much healthier picture a decade later. It is a story of joy and sadness, of ecstasy and despair, but ultimately of endurance, persistence and hope.

Ospreys in Wales Book
This is a large hardback, coffee table style book filled with many never before seen photographs from all the way back to those desperate nesting attempts in 2004, through to Einion, Ceulan, Cerist, Gwynant and of course, Deri, who amazingly was the 43rd and last (and loudest!) osprey to fledge a Welsh nest during this hugely successful first decade of osprey colonisation. The Foreword is by Iolo Williams and there are several amazing osprey photographs by world renowned wildlife photographer, Andy Rouse.
There is a brand new website for Ospreys In Wales – The First Ten Years. Just click here. 
The book is currently at the printers and will be available from December 11th. Details on how to order are on the website.

Cerist, one of the two Dyfi chicks in 2013 - she went missing for over 50 hours after fledging.
Dyfi Osprey Cerist
Meantime, here are 10 facts about the book:
1. The book has 272 pages, each 150gms in thickness. This is heavier than normal paper you tend to find in a book and is perfect for premium reproduction of very high-resolution photographs. The paper is called Art Silk paper.
2. Ospreys in Wales – The First Ten Years is a large format hardback book that is larger than conventionally sized A4 type books. It measures 30cm tall x 25cm wide (12 x 10 inches).
3. The book is heavy, weighing 1,840g or around four pounds in old money – about the same weight as a healthy female adult osprey.

Ospreys in Wales balance graphic

4. The front dust jacket image is of Deri - the last Welsh osprey offspring to fledge in the 2004 – 2014 period. The photo on the back is of White YC – a Glaslyn male chick from the 2008 brood.
5. The dust jacket has a special matt lamination treatment applied to it which gives it a slightly waxy feel. The image of Deri and some of the lettering have been Spot UV treated which gives them the appearance of having a light coat of varnish. 
6. The book has the title in gold blocking on the spine which is sewn and casebound in wibalin. It is rounded and backed with head and tail bands. The book has coloured endpapers and has a ribbon page marker attached. 

7. I have pledged £2,500 to the Glaslyn and Dyfi osprey projects. If I ever break even on this book (which is looking increasingly unlikely!) I will donate the profits too.

A Glaslyn 2008 offspring returns to the UK as an adult in 2013, but has to be rescued!   © Nigel Milbourne
Glaslyn Osprey rescue
8. The book contains 297 colour photographs and one black and white image. It was designed by myself and Malcom Jenkins of Jenks Design in Machynlleth and printed lithographically in Aberystwyth by Cambrian Printers.

9. Ospreys in Wales – The First Ten Years contains 73,075 words in total – of these 6,682 are unique words. There are 380,453 characters, 94 being unique.
10. ‘The’ is the most used word appearing 3,962 times and ‘e’ is the most used letter appearing 63,235 times. ‘Osprey’ is the ninth most common word appearing 753 times; ‘crisps’ appears just the once and ‘Taytos’ doesn’t appear at all, but there is a photo on page 173!

Ospreys in Wales book data

You can pre-order now with shipping starting from December 12th. All UK customers and most International customers will receive their books before Christmas. Here is the website again.

Monty gets the 'stare' treatment in 2013 from a Scottish ringed female - but where is Monty really from?
Dyfi Osprey Monty and intruder

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