Learning Activities

Dyfi Osprey looking at bug potExploring the woodand wildlife at Cors Dyfi

At Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve we offer bilingual learning programmes to learners of all ages.

Each of our learning programmes has been developed to celebrate the unique wildlife, culture and history of the Dyfi Valley. Our learning activities can be either stand alone or be linked to others to form a series of learning experiences. Most of our activities can be adapted for younger or older learners and we can accomodate learners with additional needs with appropriate support.

Below is an outline of each programme together with a downloadable menu of activities. Please contact us via the website to discuss any of the activities further and to create a programme that meets your groups needs.


Our Learning Programmes


Dyfi Ospreys Monty and Glesni 2015

Learn more about these amazing birds that make their home with us in the Dyfi Valley for around half of the year. Find out how they catch their food, build their nests and where they go when they are not in the UK.

We can incorporate the live streaming and our wealth of video material into sessions to enable learners to see the birds close up and in fantastic detail. Activites from this programme link well with our Food Chain and Biodiversity programmes.

Food Chains

Cors Dyfi Frog

We know that the Dyfi Ospreys only eat fish. What do the fish eat? What do the things that the fish eat, eat? Does anything eat Ospreys?!

By exploring the wildlife and plants that are found on Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve learners can quickly start to build simple food chains. These food chains can be linked to form complex food webs that builds up a picture of how a wetland ecosystem works. Activities from this programme link well to our Habitats and Biodiversity programme.

Habitats and Biodiversity

Cors Dyfi Sundew

Cors Dyfi offers the opportunity to explore wildlife in both terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Our pools are full of weird and wonderful pond creatures including water stick insects, water scorpions and dragonfly larvae. Our woodland is home to a whole host of critters. Across the site we monitor and records hundreds of species of plants birds and animals every year. 

The boardwalk enables groups to observe the changes that take place between our habitats and to enter the reedbed but keep their feet dry! Activities from this programme link well to our Food Chains programme.

Understanding your Environment

Dyfi Osprey Reed Warbler

Being outside on a nature reserve is a fantastic place to get learners listening and looking at things a little more closely than they normally do. Exploring the sounds from the reedbed and the colours of the flowers and insects provides a great opportunity to engage with nature and develop a sense of wonder in the natural world.

Activities from this programme link well to our People and Wildlife Programme.

Local History

Did you know there is a 'Hen Tafarn' (an old pub) just beyond the Osprey nest?The Dyfi Valley is full of fantastic history. Roman forts, Sunken cities, Owain Glyndwr,  mining, ship building, farming and a wealth of myths and legends have all left their mark on the landscape around us. By looking at this amazing history through structured activites learners can build an appreciation of what makes it the place it is today.

Activities from this programme link well to our People and Wildlife programme 

People and Wildlife

Dyfi Osprey Children at Window

People and wildlife are intrinsically linked in the modern world. This programme gives learners the opportunity to look at how both sides can benefit from conservation work like the Dyfi Osprey Project. It also explores how people can impact on the natural environment and how these changes might be viewed by different groups. 

Activities from this programme link well to our Osprey and Local History programmes.



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