Broad-bordered bee hawk-moth

Hemaris fuciformis

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  4. Broad-bordered bee hawk-moth


The broad-bordered bee hawk-moth is found in open woodlands and clearings. The adult moth can be seen from May-July, is a day-flying species and feeds on tubular flowers. Found mainly in southern and central England, this species is generally restricted to small areas. 

How to identify

Reddish-brown bands across abdomen and wings, although these may appear black. This moth feeds whilst flying

Where to find it

Southern and central England


When to find it

  • May
  • June
  • July

How can people help

This moth prefers open woodland and in some areas has seen a decline due to lack of coppicing. Local Wildlife Trusts help to manage woodlands and you can help too - why not volunteer for your Wildlife Trust?

Species information

Common name
Broad-bordered bee hawk-moth
Latin name
Hemaris fuciformis
Butterflies and moths