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First Chick Hatches!

Posted: Saturday 29th June 2013 by Emyr MWT

Dyfi Osprey chick 1 2013Dyfi Osprey chick 1 2013


Glesni's first ever chick has hatched.

On Friday evening, June 28th between 6pm and 9pm, and after 37 days of incubation, the little pink chick fought it's way out of it's egg shell home for the previous five and a half weeks and into a wet and gloomy Welsh evening.

The hatching process had started much earlier in the day at around 08:45 when we saw the first sign of life, a tiny little egg tooth chipping it's way out.

Dyfi OSprey egg 1 haching 2013

Then for several hours we saw nothing. That particular part of the first egg laid remained hidden, either by the angle of the camera or a rather annoying twig that Monty had placed between the egg cup and the cameras some time previously.

We were a little worried by mid afternoon. As the rain was pelting down Glesni was disturbed by something and left both eggs unattended for 40 minutes and we could see no sign of movement in the hatching egg. Memories of last June came flooding back. Excuse the pun.

The rain on Monty's back just before the second 'push'

Dyfi osprey rain on Monty's back

Here is a short video of the chick hatching last night. To all the volunteers that have helped out with egg protection duties over the last 37 days - THANK YOU. This is your reward.

This is not the first time that we have filmed a chick hatch on the Dyfi, but with new professional microphones this year, it is the first time that we have heard a chick calling right from within it's shell as it was hatching. Absolutely Amazing stuff - we deliberately didn't put too many windshields on the mics on this exposed nest, which means they distort in strong wind, but this is exactly what we wanted to capture. There were a few tears last night, and I'm not talking about the ladies present.

Thank you too, to everyone that donated earlier this year for the microphones - this is your reward. Turn the volume up.

Apart from its significance for being Glesni's first ever chick, there are a couple of other things to consider here also. It was this first egg that a carrion crow pecked soon after it was laid - we weren't sure whether the crow had caused any lasting damage. Now we do.

Secondly, this is one of the latest osprey chicks ever to hatch in the UK that we know of. When it hopefully reaches fledging and then migration age - it will probably be October, and we all know what can happen to European weather in October. Its going to be a long 'summer'.

For now, we need a little bit of luck, Goldilocks weather, Glesni to learn how to feed her chick - fast, and a fish. Hurry up Monty.

Here he/she is - just seconds old and with eyes yet to open..

Dyfi Osprey Glesni's first chick


UPDATE: The first chick has had its first feed just after 10:00 this morning. Here it is..


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