Posted: Tuesday 1st May 2018 by Emyr MWT

Quick Update

Blue 3J: Thank you so much for all your votes regarding naming Blue 3J.

Over 4,000 people voted (wow!!) and nine in 10 people told us that they would like her to be named. We'll go through the suggestions tomorrow and decide on a name by Thursday morning.

Live Streaming: Today we've had our IT guys in again as well as BT. The good news is that all our hardware is working 100% - just as we expected. The router, network switches, cables, PCs , cameras, audio, everything's fine.

We've uncovered the issue - we are suffering periodic and random " micro data-packet drop-outs". In a nutshell, the upload part for the internet keeps dropping out, something that happens so quickly, it's hard to detect using normal testing methods.

Now we know exactly what the issue is, we can set to work on trying to fix it, but we are in the hands of our internet provider! As soon as we get to know more information and potential fixes, we'll let you know.

We will still me moving over to a new system with Live Chat and 4-hour rewind facility, streaming in full 1080P HD (and less for those that have slower speeds), but we'll still need a stable internet connection to do this obviously.

This is sooo frustrating for you as well as us. Thank you for your patience, we are now hopefully closer to the end of our troubles than the beginning.

No more eggs today so we'll have a three egg clutch. All good, apart from a few stick issues.

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